Selgroup: Customs Agency


  • Selconsa: Customs Managers, temporary importation. Set of rules and procedures to all foreign goods are placed so that they can be introduced to the country temporarily for use according to the terms and standard provisions in the General Customs Act.
  • Final export customs procedure: Set of rules and procedures to which all domestic goods to be placed on international markets for use or direct or indirect consumption are subjected.
  • Under the tax warehouse: This is a tariff suspension arrangements, in which goods may remain subject to a maximum period of one year without payment of taxes, the goods are found under Customs control until they undergo some permanent or special or until your period of stay expires and fall abandoned to the Treasury regime.
  • Regime and inward: Set of rules and procedures which foreign goods are subject to be introduced to the country temporarily, for a company duly registered the scheme can make production processes that give added value.
  • Outward processing arrangements: Set of rules and procedures which domestic goods to be introduced to a country temporarily subjected to suffering repairs or modifications and these are then introduced into the country without paying taxes on its initial value.
  • Zone Regime: A set of rules and procedures which foreign goods are subject to be introduced to the country temporarily, for a company duly registered scheme may realizarles production processes that give added value.
  • Customs definitive import regime: A set of rules and procedures for the foreign goods to be introduced to the domestic market for consumption or direct or indirect use are subjected.


As customs managers


  • Import clearance and short, early and temporary export.
  • Processing of tax holidays, import or export risks.
  • Technical notes Records import or export.
  • Coordination  in  distribution  logistics, supply chain.
  • Inward processing   operations  (PA), passive and Zona Franca.


As Consultants and Advisors


  • Feasibility Studies import / export, Merceologia  and Tariff.
  • Access  to  foreign  markets and implementation of NAFTA and Rules of Origin.
  • Diagnosis market for enterprise deployment in special regimes
  • (PA) or  Zona  Franca.
  • Staff training in  specific  and operational foreign trade as  purchasing, import, export customs areas, etc.


Advantages of Our Services

Immediate billing system, through internal digital systems we conclude each bill under normal conditions, the minimum term of four working hours after completion of each procedure.

Highly personalized service through the care provided by an exclusive import agent for the care of their own, an account executive and additionally a Customs Agent, will provide you technical advice.

Update on changes in customs legislation, which is provided by our technical team of professionals with minimum bachelor degree in the area of Customs Administration.

Our Human Resources are professionals from various fields who with their interdisciplinary contributions generate excellence that distinguishes SELGROUP, selected and hired according to international safety standards (study references, criminal records, periodic evaluations)

Reporting System time control, status and monitoring procedures with which we can tell monthly daily, weekly or detail the status of their different procedures, records or transactions effected. Additionally a  Compliance Officer to ensure that its procedures are right on time. We offer a department of messaging and mobile transport for collection and delivery of your documents full time, at no additional cost, with daily service, often as necessary and unique to your need or URGENCY.

Open and coordinated by all major media with major and necessary contacts with adjoining offices during business hours and not working in emergency communication.

Room Service funding for the  cost of logistics.