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About Us

SELGROUP, is a business group dedicated to integrated logistics solution customs and trade consultancy, with a history of over 10 years in the domestic market offering "Integral Solutions Foreign Trade", ensuring excellent service quality, time and price all logistics and transportation management office of local and international charges.



"To SELGROUP main mission is to be the most reliable, flexible and efficient in terms of logistics customs services and business consulting company in the country. For our most important business group is to provide support and comprehensive solution of Foreign Trade, allied to knowledge and organizational experience of our professionals, thus implementing all commercial and technological tools solution for export and import of goods and services, thus differentiating the commitment of our staff to understand and to respond to the needs of its customers, closeness, proactivity and flexibility; in an environment that is a pleasure to work with. "


"To SELGROUP be the best alternative in Customs Management, Integrated Logistics and Consulting in Foreign Trade, Import, Export and International Freight. We specialize in specific and important to the economy of Costa Rica sectors such as SMEs, the Agricultural Sector, Hospitality and Meal. "


SELGROUP our objectives and goals as the best option is to consolidate service-level Customs and Trade Logistics Consultancy in the country.



To SELGROUP is very important experience, knowledge, reliability, respect and commitment of our support group, which performs a credible job of receipt, review and verification of documentation to delivery of the cargo.